1. How far is Ajanta from Aurangabad?
    Ans: It is approximately 106 km.
  2. How long does it take to get to Ajanta?
    Ans: It takes around two and a half hour to get there.
  3. How far is Ellora from Aurangabad?
    Ans: It is around 30 kms.
  4. How long does it take to get to Ellora?
    Ans: It takes around one hour to get there.
  5. Is it hot at the caves?
    Ans: It is usually hot in the months of April, May & June but otherwise it is pleasant.
  6. Do I need a hat/cap?
    Ans: It is better to put on a cap.
  7. Can I get water at the caves?
    Ans: Yes you can get mineral water at the caves or on the way to the caves also.
  8. Can I get food at the caves? Which type of food is available there?
    Ans: Yes u can get Indian food at the caves.
  9. Can I put on shorts while visiting caves?
    Ans: Yes, you can but it is better if u put on full pants.
  10. What type of clothes shall I put on while visiting the caves?
    Ans: You should put on light clothes which cover your body properly & completely.
  11. Do I have to remove the shoes at the caves?
    At Ajanta, you have to remove the shoes before going inside (almost all) the caves. At Ellora, you have to remove the shoes at the shrine of cave no 16 (Kailas) & at cave no 10. So it is recommended that you should put on sandals while on tour to Ajanta.
  12. Can I use camera flash while taking photos inside the caves?
    Ans: You can use camera flash inside Ellora Caves however camera flash is not allowed inside Ajanta Caves.
  13. Can I use flash light (Torch) inside Ajanta Caves?
    Ans: Flash light (Torch) is not needed there because the special lights are provided by ASI. As per ASI rules flash light is not allowed inside the caves of Ajanta.